About Danielle

About Danielle Brown

Born in Victoria….my family moved up to the Sunshine Coast and then on to sunny North Queensland. I spent my childhood and teenage years surrounded by the ocean, sun and vibrant flora and fauna that we have in this region and enjoy year round.
Art was at the top of my list during my senior education at High School and I would have loved to go on to study art at university, but decided instead to complete an apprenticeship in traditional sign writing. My training was spent learning the old skills of hand brushed signage.
Trade school first – study later?   Well I didn’t make it to university after all, but continued on as a sign writer for 24 years. The sign industry has come along in leaps and bounds as far a technology goes. Almost every facet is now computerised, which as a brush sign writer made my life much easier. Graphic design, digital and wide format printing have been recent additions….but I began to crave the freedom of the good old fashioned brush.
In 2010 I took time off work to start the first of my art pieces for a portfolio. My first hurdle was trying to loosen up enough to actually paint something that wasn’t lettering or a corporate logo. The brushes had a few cobwebs too!  Using influences from overseas travel, I initially worked on a series of Asian inspired pieces. After discovering impasto and charcoal, it too was included in my art, giving it a different dimension. Gardening is a one of my favourite pastimes so tropical plants were added to my repertoire. I started to develop an abstract style that really gets the imagination working overtime. Using various techniques and materials, I create something that is just a little bit different from the normal.
My time off work lasted 18 months and included commission pieces for new clients, painting new pieces to add to my portfolio, competing in art competitions and exhibitions and preparing for my first solo art exhibition which was held in November 2010 at “Gallery on Evans” here in Mackay. I still continue to paint and compete in local competitions and exhibitions when I have time, and hope to do so for many years to come.